Different Ways on How We Remember and Appreciate Today

Going personal on my second blog post…

I have quite a few things that I would like to get started in my next blog posts but couldn’t really decide and focus on which one to finish yet. But as my Gr. 2’s were putting the finishing touches of their acrostic poem and self-portrait symmetry on Friday for their dads, brother, uncle or grandpa, I saw the excitement in their eyes.

Being a bit of a perfectionist and would like to see almost everything  put in proper places and done perfectly, I was debating if I need to get a store-bought gift wrap for my students to use to wrap their presents up. As I watched them create their own design using the newsprint paper, pencil crayons and markers that I provided, I can feel how their love for these special people was flowing freely as they work. How dare me to even think of buying commercial made products over what my students can make and with all their hearts can produce?

Here are some excerpts from what they wrote: … you work very hard for money. I wish you can have some rest for some fishing… everything is awesome when you’re around… you tell me funny jokes… best dad ever… is always special… a silly talker… unselfish… ultra kind… you rock… terrific soccer player… And the list just goes on… Then, I realize that even at an early age, these young people know how to appreciate and are aware of what is happening around them. Never underestimate these young minds. Sometimes, we think they do not care but they do. A student made a poem for his father and another student made a letter…

As I do my personal reflections on this special day, I also see posts of my #PLN like Tina Zita about her dad and Brian Woodland being a dad. Even Barbara Gruener‘s tweet on Toyota’s take on Father’s Day, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi2uOudIp2I made me smile.

It’s over two years ago and yet, I can still hear and envision George Couros speaking at a workshop about his parents. It brought tears into people’s eyes. Here is one of his blogs about them, The Key to Education (Tribute to my Mom and Dad) and also, his brother Alec Couros who openly talks and shares his personal feelings about family that make connecting online become more meaningful for me. Whether it’s a simple tweet or a blog post about their parents, it always touch my heart. They are two great leaders in education and yet not afraid to let the world know that just like everyone else, even when we are living in a digital world, we are humans that have feelings and emotions after all.

My grandparents and parents instilled the importance and value of education in me and my three other siblings. After so many years, I can still hear them telling us to study hard because this is the only treasure that they can leave us. Education is something that once you own it, no one can take it away from you no matter which path in life you decide to take.


Before this special day ends, what is it that reminds you of that special man in your life?

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