A Voice for My Students

For days, I have been rationalizing if I need to do this or not.

Waking up this morning with a made-up mind, I would like to give my students the voice for the reflection that they did over the 10-month that they were at school. Why would I even have a second thought about it?

As much as I would like to connect my class on the last day of school, resources were not available anymore for our use. They have to be returned to the school for safety keeping over the summer. With all the learning that took place, I would like to know how my students value the learning and share it with the world just like Jason Wigmore’s blog on Last Day Learning. Ours was done on pen and paper.

When students applied their learning doing other things, it’s priceless. I asked them to write a letter for me about how they felt and what they learned at school in Grade 2. For Father’s Day, I introduced acrostic poem to them. When they did the letter for me, some students decided to make an acrostic poem for me instead. How awesome is that?

Then, I saw the post of ReadWriteThink.org and Wonderpolis about doing acrostic poem to introduce writing poetry, “Writing poetry—even simple first attempts—invites writers to think about ideas and words that relates to their topic (brainstorm) and to be creative in their thinking. Writing acrostic poems, which build off each letter in a chosen word, strengthens vocabulary skills and is a great way to introduce children to poetry writing. This activity also reinforces how words sound and are spelled.” That gave me more value of one of the many things we’d covered.

Since our class blog, http://kidblog.org/class/miss-manahans-class/posts, will be open over the summer, I added a Summer Challenge motivated by ReadingWriteThink and Wonderpolis. Everyone is welcome to join us to beat the summer heat of learning.


As much as they say how awesome and great I am and funny (I didn’t know that!) as their teacher, what means more to me were the learning that means a lot to them.


Now, I feel more accomplished. With this blog, I have given more value to their hard work. In time, they will run into this post and will see that I do thank them for the enthusiasm and patience they showed every day. Not only that I want their voices to be heard in the classroom, but also, in the collaborative, virtual world! How do you get your students voices to be heard?

4 thoughts on “A Voice for My Students

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  2. Jyothi Bathina

    I so agree with you that student voice and the idea of fostering it as teachers is crucial. Your students obviously enjoyed and embraced the opportunity to express themselves to you.

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to listen to my students’ voices, Jyothi. It was a wonderful year for both of us. We shared the road of learning together amidst all the bumps that we encountered all along. With fingers crossed, I am hoping that what they learned in Grade 2 would be carried on and will find them useful as they create their own mark in life.

      1. Jyothi Bathina

        I’m sure it will! Please visit my site literatevoices.org where I talk about the incredible importance of student voice.

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