Summer is Over! Now, What?

A new school year has started. This post may be a bit late but better get it done than saying, “I should have written about it,” later on in my blogging life. Push. Push. Push. I told myself that I need to get back on track. The world doesn’t stop spinning. I should not stop from moving forward.

This summer, I did a lot of professional/personal learning through Twitter and it made me to connect more globally without leaving the comfort of my own home office for the most part. It didn’t come easy to disconnect as I continue to grow my #PLN. At some instances, even when I was camping.

Who would have thought that participating in some #educhats during the summer nights would lead to a great experience in co-hosting a global Twitter chat?

Craig Kemp offered Jason Wigmore and I to co-host #asiaED slow chat in August. Because of this, we’d met so many wonderful educators along the way. Even though the connection was made virtually, it felt like a great relationship was built. Jason and I looked forward at any given time of the day to check responses. Each and everyone shared great experiences and challenged each other’s thinking.

It was also a challenge on my part to manage and monitor two Twitter accounts: my own and @asiaEDchat especially when I wanted the views to come from one of the accounts in particular. A few times, I had to delete my tweet to change the source. Ugh! That’s when Tweetdeck came handy. When I need it, I will learn it.

More can be said about it but OUR SUCCESS wouldn’t be possible without the PEOPLE who dedicated part of their time to pop in to share their two cents, retweet, promote or favourite our Q-a-Day tweet whether on summer break, sipping a cup of coffee, on a tour or from a long day at school. We are VERY GRATEFUL of your participation! Most importantly, we VALUE the CONNECTION we’d made.

As we are all back in school, I still look forward to continue to share the learning, the collaboration and the fun with my #PLN.

If I put my learning experience in a student’s perspective, each student in our class will look forward to spend each day in our classroom because they’re engaged, interested and having fun. I learned so much because I opened myself to learning through global connection. How do we see this fit with our students? With the curriculum? How would the students benefit if we let them learn beyond the walls of the school, out of our comfort zones as teachers?

In this age, WE BUILD BRIDGES, NOT WALLS for educators and students alike. When would you start to break the wall as a teacher? When would you start to build the bridge for your students?

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