Word Swag It!

I am always amaze by quotes or sayings that were written with graphics on the background. They add so much meaning to a few written words.

It was almost the end of July. I saw a tweet of Tina Zita. Her dad made one using Word Swag. Wait… If he can do it, I can too. He inspired me!

That’s the turning point for me to buy Word Swag app for $4.59. Very rarely that I would buy an app (although I buy my music) but this one is definitely a go! One huge advantage that I find using Word Swag is having photos from Pixabay if you choose to search for images within the app.

The app sat on my device for a while not really knowing what I need to create about until two weeks later where I got to use it to post question of the day while co-hosting a week long #asiaED chat on Twitter (which calls for another post).

Not only that I bought the app, I also unlocked the other fonts for a few extra dollars. Like any new learning, I struggled at the beginning. The writing was too small with my first try. It was okay to view on the phone or tablet because of the zoom in feature but not on the computer.

Persistence… Or was it because I really had to use it at that time? What ever the reason maybe, that made me played with it a bit more. That’s when I discovered that I can adjust the appearance and the colour of the fonts and blur or brighten the image. I have to think of my students when I am introducing some new learning or teaching a new skill. They persevere.

Below are some examples that I’ve created. I can say, it’s worth what I paid for! Now, I am wondering if I can have them develop for display and use in the classroom.


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