Dear Snow,

You were all over the news yesterday. Everyone was talking about you. I knew it’s not going to be a Snow Day today because you’d stop before we all wake up. Still, there’s that hope that you may want to extend your stay flying on the night sky.

First thing I did when I got up, peeked through the curtains to see if you’re still floating around. No. One more try. I checked the news. All buses are cancelled but schools are open.

Reality kicked in. It’s time to get going. As much as I would not say no to a Snow Day, while driving to work this morning, I also can imagine all the kids rolling down the mini hills, making snow angels, picking up a handful to put in their mouths, trying to build snowballs to put together to make a snowman or trekking down their way to the middle of the field to try to be away from the crowd.

The kindergartens were your first guests with their sleds and shovels tagged behind. From my window, I could see them up and down that little raised area of the field. It may be the best part of their day at school and something that they will be talking about when they get home. Your presence makes these young minds wonder, create, and be entertained during their outdoor time. When everyone had left at the end of the day, there were marks of enjoyment all over you.

Early today, I knew already that I will be talking about you on my second post for the Slice of Life Story Challenge, #sol16.

There were years that you’re pretty harsh on us but not much this time. Thank you for dropping by.


Your Avid Fan (Well, not really)


Please stay for a little while. I would like to go cross-country skiing on the easy loop this weekend.



9 thoughts on “Dear Snow,

  1. maribethbatcho

    I really like that you wrote your piece as a letter to snow. I hear the disappointment and the hope at the end. I am with you…just give me another biggie before March ends so I can use my snowshoes one more time this season.
    Thanks for your post and the idea to write a letter.

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      Snowshoes are something that I need to try. I am not a skier and really would take my skis off on bunny hills worried about breaking my back but I love being outdoor and winter can be too long to endure unless I force myself to go out there. Snowshoes next…

      1. maribethbatcho

        If you can walk, you can snowshoe! That’s what I love about them. That and the really great workout. We snowshoe the neighborhood when the snow is deep enough, but prefer snowshoeing in the forest, with the whispering pines and the babbling brook. Enjoy. It really is enjoyable, exhilarating, without the fear of falling and hurting yourself.

  2. kathyschuitema

    Isn’t an “almost” snow day excruciating? You dream just a little bit about what you would do, but your rational side knows that you have to face the facts. I loved your descriptions and the idea of writing this as a letter! Neat!

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      So true. But then, once you’re inside the building, the dream of a snow day becomes so far away because you see kids faces smiling at you even they themselves wished for one too!

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