To Keep or To Toss?

It’s Friday. Let me share a slice with a personal touch on my Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 4.

Always a goal: Keep what’s valuable and toss everything else! But how do I really decide on which one to save.

How many paper printouts and recyclables do we accumulate every year that we get a heavy heart to part ways? Tests, handouts, arts and crafts samples, worksheets, egg cartons, yogurt containers in all sizes. At the end of each school year, they all go in boxes, plastic crates, filing cabinets, folders, shelves, under the sink. Name it. Mind you, the garbage cans and recycling bins get full still.

Teachers are hoarders, trying to keep everything because there’s a chance of using them again. But the question is when?

From what I have and keep because I decided that I will be using them again, I don’t have a lot. But I am still not pleased with the accumulation. It’s not right. How much do I really have to keep these days? If I need something, I just need to google it. 98% of the time, I’ll find them online.

I’ve been better with recyclable materials. No more hiding them under the sink. They consume too much space. Overall, I like everything to be in proper place all the time. It does bother me if books are not placed properly in their bins. I need to wipe the chalkboard with wet cloth at the end of the day. My students knew what to do. It should look like it’s not used at all. Everything should be placed back where they got them. I know it’s a bit too much. Maybe, way too much for others but that’s just me.

When all sorts of paper come home from school, that’s where the problem is. Which one stays? Which one gets shredded? Which one gets into the small recycling bin under my desk in my home office? In December, I got rid of a lot of them. Yet, I still feel that I am still keeping more that are outdated already. I try to avoid buying more “pretty” bins. The more bins I have, the less I will get rid of.

Every weekend, my To Do List includes “Sort paper from school.” It’s over a year. It’s still there.

Other than that, almost everything is in order in the house. Shoes, jackets, clothes, towels, soaps. They are all neatly piled, hanged or tucked.

Maybe, it’s just me. Although, it does bother me. I’ll get it done to my organizational standard. The day will come that I can finally say, I have less of what I need and am living clutter-free.



7 thoughts on “To Keep or To Toss?

  1. Holly

    Good Luck with that! I am an organized person, I really am…except for the papers. The papers get me every time. I have stacks at home and stacks at school. Paper is the one thing I can’t seem to organize.

  2. Terje

    Papers are like Hydra, throw one away, two replace it. I have not yet found a way to win paper clutter. I admire that you have made decluttering a firm part of your weekly routine.

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      I am quite successful in most things and sometimes get too efficient, disposing things that I should not be getting rid of. The battle continues between papers from school and I.

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