March Break Madness

A slice a week before the break for my Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 6.

As much as the children are excited about March break, teachers are too. Teachers are parents. If not, they are adults that need a break to recharge the mind, body and soul.

Parking lots of stores were packed today. At Costco, no matter how big their parking is, it gets occupied when a holiday or a vacation is coming up. Moms and dads had their carts full with the necessities: milk, eggs, bread, paper towels, bathroom tissue, Goldfish snacks, and summer outfits like bathing suits, short sleeved shorts, crocs sandals. It looked like people were checking out luggages too. There were quite a few Heys luggages that were out of their boxes.

Do we really need to buy new summer outfits when we go away for a week? We do have every outfit we need in our closet. But I guess, we do.

Kids are so excited about their upcoming trip or March Break camps or just hanging around at home. Who would not? Everyone needs a break every now and then. It does give students and teachers alike a fresh start after going back to school in September.

One thing that doesn’t change is the habit of waking up early. I am a morning person. I do a lot of reading before the crack of dawn whenever possible. But during weekends and break like this where I don’t have to be up early, I am still wide awake, same time. No matter how much I try to go back to sleep, my mind is ready for the day. Body clocks do not recognize vacation mode.

But there’s a way for me to catch up on those sleeps. Nap. Something that I do on a Sunday afternoon. It may not be possible to have those naps during March Break but will have a lovely time with friends. A couple of friends and their two kids are coming for a visit. There will be a lot of time to spend on the road, stores and restaurants.

No matter what each of us are doing or places we are going to, Mexico, Cuba, Disney World or just staying in town, it’s not the place but the people we will be spending the time with.


7 thoughts on “March Break Madness

  1. kathyschuitema

    Love your thoughts about break–yes, when one approaches I enjoy thinking about the out-of-the-ordinary things I will spend my time doing. And I also wrote today about taking a Sunday nap! I enjoyed reading your post, and it made me start a Spring Break Wish List.

  2. Raivenne

    “Body clocks do not recognize vacation mode.” So frustratingly true
    “it’s not the place but the people we will be spending the time with.” So wonderfully true.
    Enjoy your break.

  3. Ramona

    I’ve gone away, but my favorite breaks are the ones when I stay home and relax, read, and visit with friends. And yes, even take a nap in the afternoon. Here’s to a restful break for you! I’m an early morning person too. But sometimes during break, I can fall back asleep after reading for an hour or so. Give it a try, stay in your pajamas and stay in bed. You might surprise yourself.

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      Thank you for your tip. I’ll do that. How I love those days where I just have to stay home and relax too. One thing I need to remind myself is too slow down when I am home instead of trying to do a lot of chores. They never end anyway.

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