Thank YOU… Each and Every Day

Dust bunnies everywhere on my writing. It’s been 5 months since I published something. I have been pushing myself and yet, the drive is not reaching the point for me to keep going.

Until I came across the Slice of Life Story Challenge a few days before its kick off. Yes, it would only require a slice of your thinking every day for the whole month of March but its every day. But then, this may be the path for me to get back to writing. I love to write. Friends have asked me to proofread written work, create speeches for weddings and other occasions for them that were remarkable in their lives. One day, I dream of publishing my own children’s book. One day… But in order to do this, I need to continue to write, right?

With this, I would like to begin this challenge by expressing my gratefulness to people that I have made connections with every day, virtually or face-to-face. Somehow, you made a difference in me. You’ve answered my questions. You’ve made me smile when you asked me how I am doing. You continue to help me grow professionally because you continue to share your wisdom. You made me feel welcome in your community. You recognized the efforts that I put in my work. You let me know that I have been missed. You spent a few minutes of your valuable time to read this.

When I walk in the classroom and see those pairs of eyes waiting to learn every day,  you give me reasons to be there. When I feel that the school is a place where you can feel safe and have the love and care that you need, you touch my heart. When I see the progress that you’re making even with the tiny steps you’re taking, you make me feel that it’s all worth it.

All of us have good days and not-so-good days. For all my good days, they became better because of all of you. For all my not-so-good days, I was able to overcome them because you stayed with me.

Thank you for making each and every day a learning opportunity personally and professionally…



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