Lost and Found

I found my slice of the day for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 8.

Spring weather-like this week and for the first time, I heard the chirping of the birds again. When this happens, I know the warm weather is just around the corner.

At school, the battle begins. The temperature goes up and down during this time of the year and the children think it is already summer. They have to be reminded that they still need their coats on when they go outside. Their reply: it’s hot! In a way, it’s true compared to below 0. But not as hot as summer-like.

They’ll wear them on their way out. Two minutes later, you’ll see the ground full of them. The running around will make them sweat. Somersaults, basketball, soccer will make their bodies feel that it’s 20 degrees. We can’t really blame them why they take their coats off. Because they’re moving around.

When the bell rings, they forget that they have something on when they went out. Jackets are easier to find compared to hats and mittens and most of them are black. They have them on in the morning. Forgot about them all day. When home time comes, they remember. Why? One student say, “I’ll be grounded if I lose my Star Wars hat.”

Looking back, I seldom lose anything. If I did, it will bother me for quite a while just like when I lost one of my gloves years ago. If there’s something that I am looking for and couldn’t find it, I will be very uneasy. For the most part, I know where everything is and place them where they should be.

Lost and Found will be packed with mittens, hats, socks, scarves, shoes, lunch bags, hoodies. Is there anything else that I miss to add on the list?


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