A 7-year Old MacBook, Vintage?

A slice of Apple for my Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 12.

Winter is not too bad this year. I hope I didn’t say that out loud. When the temperature hits double digit, 17°C, especially on the first day of March Break, everyone is in a cheerful mood.

I paid a visit to the Apple Store today to get my 2009 MacBook checked. It’s 7 years old and they called it “vintage.” I know we can never keep up with technology but vintage? Seriously? I got this second hand. But still.

Anything that’s over 5 years old, they don’t carry any parts anymore. Even the battery. When the diagnostic was done, it turned out that it was only the battery. Phew! I would rather pay $150+ rather than shell out a couple of thousands of dollars for a new laptop. So, I was referred to their authorized dealer that can take care of the issue.

One thing that I really like is how they attend to their customers. Apple Store is always busy, pack with people of different ages trying, asking and looking around about a tablet, a laptop, accessories, anything that’s new and cool. I booked an appointment online to meet one of the Genius people. I got there and someone attended to me right away. I waited for a few minutes for one of the technicians to come but someone was already trying to help me out with the basics.

This post may be biased but I came from PC to Mac almost 10 years ago. I had my first Apple product, an iMac. Followed by an iPhone coming from a Blackberry. Then, the MacBook, an iPad and Apple TV.

Fingers crossed, I haven’t had any issue with virus or any malware of some sort, if that’s another name to call it.

Quite an Apple fan. It’s evident on my Twitter account, macfanatic. And I am.



3 thoughts on “A 7-year Old MacBook, Vintage?

  1. Veronica

    Haha – vintage! Yes, I’m a mac convert, as of.. last 2 years or so. Began when the kids got their 4Ss or Some-Ss, I forget. Followed you on Twitter, I am VeronicaATX. Nice to meet you! Thank you!

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