Springing Forward

A slice of an hour for my Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 13.

Call me crazy but I woke up at 7:30 this morning and felt good because I slept in. As an early bird, it is a disadvantage during weekends and vacations like March Break because I am up at the crack of dawn, still.

But today, I slept in for an hour! Because the Daylight Saving Time, the time moves one hour forward. In my perspective, I woke up an hour later.

I’ll save my worries later during bed time. The clock will say that I have to go to bed when my body can still endure an hour of being up and running. An advantage is I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. I may sneak for an hour nap to catch up on a missed hour of sleep.

The timing of this time adjustment is good too. Parents do not have to fight over sending their kids to bed an hour earlier than usual and waking them up an hour earlier as well. A week will give them enough time to adjust.

Yes, it’s only an hour and yet, it’s quite an impact to everyone. The bright side: we wake up with the sun already peaking through the curtains welcoming another great day. It’s also another sign that we would be able to spend more time outdoors, open our windows to bring in some fresh air after the winter, hear more birds singing and see crocuses peaking through the earth that has been quiet during the cold months.

We lost an hour but the day seems longer. It’s how we look at things. Is the glass half full? Or half empty?


21 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. thissideofthegreen

    This made me laugh because I am also an early morning person. Last night I forced myself to stay up extra late. When I woke up, according to my internal clock, it was still 5:30 but after springing forward it was 6:30. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t shine here today. It’s been raining all day.

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      Today is our day. We get to sleep an hour more. As what the clock says. Why not trick ourselves once in a while? The sun will shine in the days to come.

  2. Rachel

    I dislike this spring forward, because I love to run early in the morning. Now I am back to running in the dark 😦 I also like it when it is dark when I put the girls to bed. Tonight should be interesting! We have break next week, so a week of this adjustment will proceed the break!

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      Oh no. That’s quite a great impact on your early morning run. And yes. It’s hard to go to bed with still all light outside. It would be better if you get the same break this week. It may just be better to just not have the DST at all.

  3. Alice Nine

    Nice… a topic near my heart. So I always am asking: by the clock? or by the sun? For me, it’s the sun… and I really hate losing the hour of morning sun right now.. But in a few weeks we will have daylight before 5 AM (we’re north of the 45th parallel) and it won’t be dark until I’m ready to call it a day. A couple years ago I wrote in the fashion of Dr Seuss a piece about this subject, called it Change the Clock. You might enjoy it http://www.alicenine.net/change-the-clock/

      1. Alice Nine

        Thank you. Yes, 5 AM! Actually the sky is light (nautical twilight) at 3:53 AM . Just think if we didn’t have daylight savings time.

  4. Lynn

    I’m a morning person, so it doesn’t really bother me. I love that ii will be lighter later as well! And yes, that’s my motto, looking at the glass half full, not half empty 😉

  5. Krista Schmidt

    I am NOT a morning person…and neither are my children, so losing that hour is not fun! You are lucky that you have break this week for the adjustment. We have school all week, and break next week. I’m not anticipating happy mornings this week!

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      It’s perfect timing for this hour adjustment to be off school. It will be a struggle. I can see that happening. Just think about the week after. You’ll enjoy being under the covers more!

  6. Veronica

    Great post — I’ve lost more sleep, even though this happened over Spring Break, because we are now going to bed at 1a, 2a in the morning. I have no idea why! Still getting up at 7,8, still on sleep! And I’m on vacation!

    Oh, dear..

    Thank you for your post!

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