A Salute to the Parents and Grandparents

A slice of love from the grandparents for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 16.

There’s one thing that I noticed, as we were going around town today visiting different stores with friends who are here during this March Break. The little ones on vacation were with their grandparents looking around for some treats in the store.

I can see the joy in the eyes of the grandparents as they try to find what their grandson or granddaughter was looking for. It’s such a sweet moment for me to see. It brings back the happy memories of my childhood with my own grandmom and granddad.

They were probably exhausted at the end of the day trying to keep up with these energetic individuals but treasured every moment together.

To the parents of these children, the time you allow your child to know their grandparents more opens the opportunity to know a great part of the family, a part of who they are.




7 thoughts on “A Salute to the Parents and Grandparents

  1. Elisa Waingort

    Love this slice! I agree. I wish I had enjoyed my grandparents more though they died when I was young. I am looking forward to having grandchildren. What a special time that will be!

  2. Veronica

    I love this — I’ve experienced this, and I’m trying to think back and remember if I recalled seeing my own relationship with my parents as a little girl.

    Grandparents are so, so important. Thank you for sharing!

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