What’s in Your Lunch Bag?

A slice of healthy food for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 23.

No matter which classroom or what grade I would be for recess or lunch duty, I would always look into what the students are taking out of their lunch bags. As soon as I see someone eating a chocolate cookie, a piece of cake or some chips during first break, I would come and see what else is in the bag and suggest that they have the treat later. Healthy food should be eaten first.

We should and need to continue to encourage students to practise healthy eating. Most of them have healthy packed snacks and lunches like veggies, fruits, rice, noodles, pasta or sandwiches. But a few have food that are loaded with sugar and salt.

Who am I to judge? There are a lot of possible reasons. It may be the situation at home. Maybe, parents or guardians are rushing out the door to go to work. Maybe, the family is trying to make ends meet.

How can we help? Schools that run a Breakfast Program is huge. Sometimes, students come to school with an empty tummy. It’s also an opportunity for students to have a healthy breakfast if they are not getting it at home. There are also classrooms that have a container full of apple sauce and granola bars that students can help themselves when they don’t have enough food with them.

Nourishing the body is as important as nurturing the heart and developing the mind. What’s your practice?




5 thoughts on “What’s in Your Lunch Bag?

  1. marymary219

    One of the luxuries of my current job in an independent school is that I don’t worry about children who don’t have enough to eat and a place to sleep. Not that they don’t have problems — but they are fed and sheltered.

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