Easter Celebration

A slice of Easter for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 27.

This is one of the many celebrations that we look forward to every year, both kids and adults.  There are three families that take turn each year hosting it since they do have children.

Aside from the Easter egg hunt and other egg-related games, the highlight of today was the eggceptionally decorated egg. One entry per family. It’s a first for this kind of challenge this year.

Rules of the contest:

Five families, five entries. Three winners: first, second, third.

Second Place


Third Place (This one moves around.)




First Place

My entry, Niagara EGGSplosion, won the first place. Winning was a bonus. But more of what we are capable of doing when we push ourselves to meet the criteria. Not all entries can be in first place but we were impressed with what all of us came up with.

It just made me think. The same is in the classroom. Our students are in different levels of their learning. We don’t lower the bar.

Instead, we meet them from where they are and provide the support they need in order to help them meet the goals.


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