A slice of Twitter for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 30.

I didn’t make it back on my desk last night to finish this. My head was spinning and just couldn’t get up from bed. Below is how I started it.

We are a day away from finishing this blogging challenge. What I have been thinking about is losing the connection that we have made here for a month. I learned so much from reading everyone’s blog that I was able to get into, time permitting.

Before I got myself into blogging, I have been learning and growing personally and professionally by being connected through Twitter. My #PLN has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, be more open to learning and mistakes, and challenge my thinking.

In random order, here is my Top 10 people that I follow that you may want to consider following.

  1. Jonathan So
  2. Aviva Dunsiger
  3. Jason Wigmore
  4. Tina Zita
  5. George Couros
  6. Phillip Cowell
  7. Doug Peterson
  8. Craig Kemp
  9. Brian Aspinall
  10. Andrew Campbell

One way or the other, you’ll pickup something from them. Better yet, you’ll share a laugh together.

Feel free to leave your Twitter account in the comment section. I am also just a tweet away: Vilma Manahan. This challenge is about to end but let’s continue the connectedness we have built around in a month’s time.



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