Do You Know How to Take a Video?

A slice of video for the Slice of Life Story Challenge for Day 14.


8 February 2013: I still have the VVS here.

Taking photos and recording videos are just a click away now using one gadget: smartphone. My video camera with the hard disk that I bought years ago sits in the armoire now. During our vacation in Portugal back in January, I brought it. Did I ever use the camcorder? No. Did I record some videos? Yes. How? Using my phone.

A few days ago, as I was scrolling down my Twitter feed, I came across the tweet below.

After watching the video, I couldn’t help it but jumped into the conversation.

Because of this takeaway, I am not going to let this challenge be over without passing on the learning that took place in a matter of minutes with these wonderful #PLN, Alice Keeler, Phillip Cowell, and Josh Shepard connecting globally, sharing and laughing!


9 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Take a Video?

  1. Donna Smith

    Back when I first got my iPhone – years ago – I remember that I took a VV. I only had to do that a couple more times by accident before I’d trained my self to turn the stupid phone! Great post!

  2. Glenda Funk

    I’m constantly fascinated by the technophobia of many who are younger than I, but I readily admit that what I know about tech I learned from students. Anyone willing to use tech that’s unfamiliar to them deserve nothing but praise. Take whatever learning curve you need; I’m sure you’ve earned it!

    1. Vilma Manahan Post author

      It’s so true. I guess it’s not really the age that matters when it comes to new learning but the willingness to get out of the comfort son and take risks.

  3. mrssurridge

    This is great. I’ve already forwarded the video to a couple techies for their files. I just got a new phone that is capable of taking video…Now I know. (wink, wink) Thanks for the laugh!

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