The Book With No Pictures

A slice of my today’s reading for my A Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 9.

Books that are out of the ordinary really catch my attention. The Book With No Pictures is one of them. A student showed it to me this morning with all the excitement in his eyes. His so thrilled that he was able to get hold of the book from the library. He started showing me the few pages.

Would it be such a pleasure to see all students getting excited in reading like him? As educators, we try our best and maximize our time to give opportunities to students to be able to read while in the school. Each classroom has its own collection of books. Each school has a library that houses reading materials of all genre.

As much as we encourage to extend the reading at home by parents reading to them or listening to their children read, each family situation is different. In school, we speak the same language and provide the same environment that’s conducive to learning of each individual.

When they leave the school’s premises, they deal with their own situation at home. Some are fortunate to have a home that’s full of love and care. They are given the attention they need. There’s food on the table. But some are less fortunate to have this ideal home environment. If this is the case, how can we inspire them to develop the love for reading if the basic needs are not met?

Let’s remind ourselves that these young people also have their own baggage when they enter our classroom. Our hope is to see each of them succeed in life no matter what kind of situation they’re in right now.

As challenging as it can be, let’s continue to keep that spark in their eyes and their curiosity for learning. Let them paint happy pictures on the book that only have the words.

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