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When you are surrounded with positive people that believe in each other’s strength, you have no way of going but moving forward.

Here’s my takeaway after the 3-day of learning and networking with wonderful educators, #peel21st.

For all the educators that helped me out along the way and spent the time to listen to what I had to say, a BIG THANK YOU! All kinds of exciting things are on our way as we begin a new journey of learning together with our students.


Tips and Tricks of Using Seesaw From Our #SeesawChat

#SeesawChat: 12th May 2016

“There are so many new things out there about what technology and how to use it in the classroom. I am not really comfortable using it.” This is a common statement among educators who are not comfortable infusing technology into the classroom. Very true. It can really be overwhelming. If I ask a couple of teachers, they will come up with at least 5 different apps they use in class.

This is what I tell them, “I am quite comfortable using technology in the classroom but will never catch up with every new tool out there. I remind myself, use one as it fits.”

Here’s one that caught my attention last summer and was able to delve into it more a few days ago by taking the training to be a Seesaw Ambassador.

My first #SeesawChat with fellow educators brought saw many ideas that I would like to share in this post. Both teachers and students are capturing and documenting the learning that takes place in school.

Spelling via Mrs. St. John’s Class

Capturing progress on IEP Goals via Heather Gauck

Genius Hour via Miss Zeisler

Reader’s Response via Jess Ische

Math via Miss Elikwu

Assessment via Traci Piltz

Text Features via Joni Quintavalle

Math via myself courtesy of Mrs. S MathTechLearnCentre class

Health via Traci Wood

Oral Reporting via Jennifer Sanders

Interactive QR Code via Emily Corrigan

Retelling via Miss Knutson’s Class

Word Connections via Mrs. Gadtke

Science via Ryan Wiggins

Expect more collections on how to enhance students learning through the use of Seesaw and other apps as I continue to explore this digital road.

At one point, I read a line that somehow goes like this, “If you’re doing something great that no one knows, then, there’s not much greatness in what you’re doing.” Share the love. Feel free to add to this list below.








The Last Slice Of March

A big slice for the final day of Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 31.

My writing corner collected dust for five months until I came across this challenge and decided to join to push myself in order to get out of that rabbit hole.

Hooray to all of us who made it through this month sharing a slice of their thinking to the #SOL16 community and to the world. Once again, thank you very much for all the connection, inspiration, and collaboration!

For the third week and last day, here’s the compilation of what my slices were.

Day 21: The Next 10-Day Reflection

Day 22: 1, 2, 3, Blow!

Day 23: What’s in Your Lunch Bag? 

Day 24: #icestorm16

Day 25: Not a Fruit Eater

Day 26: Building Relationships

Day 27: Easter Celebration

Day 28: A Game of Pick-up Sticks

Day 29: DPA: Daily Physical Activity

Day 30: Twitter

Tomorrow is April 1st. I don’t think I will be writing anything down tomorrow. We shall see. Unless, I will say April Fools!



A slice of Twitter for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 30.

I didn’t make it back on my desk last night to finish this. My head was spinning and just couldn’t get up from bed. Below is how I started it.

We are a day away from finishing this blogging challenge. What I have been thinking about is losing the connection that we have made here for a month. I learned so much from reading everyone’s blog that I was able to get into, time permitting.

Before I got myself into blogging, I have been learning and growing personally and professionally by being connected through Twitter. My #PLN has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, be more open to learning and mistakes, and challenge my thinking.

In random order, here is my Top 10 people that I follow that you may want to consider following.

  1. Jonathan So
  2. Aviva Dunsiger
  3. Jason Wigmore
  4. Tina Zita
  5. George Couros
  6. Phillip Cowell
  7. Doug Peterson
  8. Craig Kemp
  9. Brian Aspinall
  10. Andrew Campbell

One way or the other, you’ll pickup something from them. Better yet, you’ll share a laugh together.

Feel free to leave your Twitter account in the comment section. I am also just a tweet away: Vilma Manahan. This challenge is about to end but let’s continue the connectedness we have built around in a month’s time.


A Game of Pick-up Sticks

A slice of pick-up sticks for the Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 28.

One of the kids prizes that were given yesterday during our Easter celebration was a set of “old school games” in one box: pick-up sticks, dominoes and jacks.

The one that these three boys chose to play was Pick-up Sticks. These boys are 18, 15 and 11 years of age. They had no clue how to play the game and didn’t even know what it’s called until they looked into that small piece of paper called instruction.

At an early age, they’re very much exposed to playing games online. They can figure out the mechanics of these games easily. Their interaction to players is not limited to physical presence but rather open to a global community.

But I would like to strike a balance. Touching what you’re actually playing with, winning the battle face-to-face, and an actual human interaction in this digitally connected world are also essential and one of the basic needs of people.

I wonder how many households have these games still. Or how many families spend time together playing them.

When students ask me if they can play a board game whenever there’s time, my answer is always yes. I will not stop them from learning something new but will also give them a taste of both worlds: appreciation of the old.


A 10-Day Reflection

For all of us participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge. It is the 11th day and we are still here.

Today, I thought I would be writing something to commend myself about the work that I’ve done in the last 10 days which I would have not known that I am capable of if I didn’t take the challenge.

As a pat in the back, I am compiling all the 10 posts that I did for my 11th day slice.

Day 1: Thank YOU… Each and Every Day

Day 2: Dear Snow,

Day 3: Beyond Numbers

Day 4: To Keep or To Toss

Day 5: Strips of Bacon and Two Eggs

Day 6: March Break Madness

Day 7: Batteries: Do you have one? 

Day 8: Lost and Found

Day 9: The Book With No Pictures

Day 10: Read to Someone

This will also help me to keep track of what I have done. We all live a busy life. With this, I can easily see what I have reflected on or caught my attention for the last 10 days.

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment or share one or two of my thinking out loud. Because of you, I am still here.





What Keep You Connected?

How long have you had your Twitter account? How many tweets have you done? 200+ tweets? 2000+ tweets? 20k tweets?

I’ve had mine since March of 2012 and yet, it was only last year that I actually discovered the #powerofatweet. It was hit and miss for me before then.

In everything we do, we need to find reasons to justify our willingness to take risks. We need to get inspired. We need to understand the power this change is going to bring. It’s never easy to leave our comfort zones. We need to find people to inspire us to begin a new journey or continue what we have started. I was only aiming for one tweet a day but for the past few months, I am well beyond that number.

My well beyond one-tweet-a-day was inspired by Aviva Dunsiger and Jonathan So because of what they do in the classroom. I saw them every day on my feed. That pushed me to share what we were doing in school as well. Whenever I could, I tried to tweet it during the instructional time as opposed to after a few days or so. This way, it gives people a virtual window on what is happening in our classroom, in real time.

The bar is raised high. I’ve also joined different chats before the crack of dawn or after the sun sets that I came across with as I scroll down my feed or encouragement by Jason Wigmore. Chats such as #peel21st, #aussieED, #asiaED, #nt2T, #txeduchat, #satchat#sunchat, and #tptchat are the ones that I made a lot of or started contact, learning and collaboration with.

This time, I am not only sharing what is happening in the classroom or at school, but also, tweeting personal interests that one or some people may be interested as well.

Interacting with my PLN (Personal Learning Network) hasn’t only led me to professional learning but also some good laughs shared with Aviva Dunsiger and Brian Woodland with his tools and cooking.

The web is an infinite source of information. Twitter has led me to good reads that I would never knew existed. Because of the limited characters that it allows me to use for every post, I become more conscious on how I am going to send the message across.

With 1000+ tweets, I am still a beginner. Steadily, I am finding my way. Yes, I do get frustrated when things do not work the way they should be. But they bring out the better in me because of my willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn and this is a work in progress.

 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” -Alvin Toffler

Truly, it can be very overwhelming. As educators, our plate becomes full of apps, websites and devices before we know it. When this happens, it is time for us to sift it through. Personally choose what will work as a start. Begin with one or two. Get yourself familiarized and make yourself comfortable using it. Learn as you go along. Unlearn what doesn’t work. Relearn new things.

Now, I am taking the next step, blogging (with a clear purpose), as I am getting myself at ease with tweeting. This is my 5th. If we find real meaning in what we do, we will find a way to educate ourselves with the changes happening around us. This time, I find more meaning to be a connected educator.

For me to continue to take this path, I need to know and understand why I am doing it. Having a great list of PLN will keep me going because I know myself, without encouragement and a little nudge every now and then, I may stay where I am rather than continue to move forward.

One of the many words of encouragement from Brian Aspinall is a great reminder for me to keep on going.

You may be on a summer or school break like me or starting a new school year, and with our own busy lives professionally and personally that we have to attend to, what get you started and keeping you connected?