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What Keep You Connected?

How long have you had your Twitter account? How many tweets have you done? 200+ tweets? 2000+ tweets? 20k tweets?

I’ve had mine since March of 2012 and yet, it was only last year that I actually discovered the #powerofatweet. It was hit and miss for me before then.

In everything we do, we need to find reasons to justify our willingness to take risks. We need to get inspired. We need to understand the power this change is going to bring. It’s never easy to leave our comfort zones. We need to find people to inspire us to begin a new journey or continue what we have started. I was only aiming for one tweet a day but for the past few months, I am well beyond that number.

My well beyond one-tweet-a-day was inspired by Aviva Dunsiger and Jonathan So because of what they do in the classroom. I saw them every day on my feed. That pushed me to share what we were doing in school as well. Whenever I could, I tried to tweet it during the instructional time as opposed to after a few days or so. This way, it gives people a virtual window on what is happening in our classroom, in real time.

The bar is raised high. I’ve also joined different chats before the crack of dawn or after the sun sets that I came across with as I scroll down my feed or encouragement by Jason Wigmore. Chats such as #peel21st, #aussieED, #asiaED, #nt2T, #txeduchat, #satchat#sunchat, and #tptchat are the ones that I made a lot of or started contact, learning and collaboration with.

This time, I am not only sharing what is happening in the classroom or at school, but also, tweeting personal interests that one or some people may be interested as well.

Interacting with my PLN (Personal Learning Network) hasn’t only led me to professional learning but also some good laughs shared with Aviva Dunsiger and Brian Woodland with his tools and cooking.

The web is an infinite source of information. Twitter has led me to good reads that I would never knew existed. Because of the limited characters that it allows me to use for every post, I become more conscious on how I am going to send the message across.

With 1000+ tweets, I am still a beginner. Steadily, I am finding my way. Yes, I do get frustrated when things do not work the way they should be. But they bring out the better in me because of my willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn and this is a work in progress.

 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” -Alvin Toffler

Truly, it can be very overwhelming. As educators, our plate becomes full of apps, websites and devices before we know it. When this happens, it is time for us to sift it through. Personally choose what will work as a start. Begin with one or two. Get yourself familiarized and make yourself comfortable using it. Learn as you go along. Unlearn what doesn’t work. Relearn new things.

Now, I am taking the next step, blogging (with a clear purpose), as I am getting myself at ease with tweeting. This is my 5th. If we find real meaning in what we do, we will find a way to educate ourselves with the changes happening around us. This time, I find more meaning to be a connected educator.

For me to continue to take this path, I need to know and understand why I am doing it. Having a great list of PLN will keep me going because I know myself, without encouragement and a little nudge every now and then, I may stay where I am rather than continue to move forward.

One of the many words of encouragement from Brian Aspinall is a great reminder for me to keep on going.

You may be on a summer or school break like me or starting a new school year, and with our own busy lives professionally and personally that we have to attend to, what get you started and keeping you connected?